Squirrel Swap Features

The Squirrel Swap blockchain and product ecosystem enable development of high-performance blockchain projects. An array of original features and protocols is designed to support speed, privacy, usability, and liquidity needs all in one platform.

Scalable & Fast Blockchain in Mainnet. 5,000 TPS. 1 Second Blocktime


Coin Issuing Service

We can help with issuing tokens for fund raising and for designing the token economic structure to align it with your business goals.

Fintech Dapp Development

We help you to develop financial applications to enrich your ecosystem: Customized crypto wallet to hold your token, Token Staking Application, Smart contract Development, Dapp building

Decentralized Financial Platform

Our team's bread and butter is in building financial platforms. We can help you to build various solutions including: Decentralized Exchange, Decentralized Lending

Crypto Payment Solution

Implement a payment system using Squirrel Swap seamlessly through our user-friendly tools including: Stable Coins, Dapps to purchase goods and services with cryptocurrencies, Private transactions


SQU Tokenomics

Breakdown of our Token Recipients.

Start Time

December 31 2021

Token Symbol


Token Supply

Quadrillion $SQU

End Time

January 18, 2022

Tokens Offered


Soft Cap

250,000 USD

Hard Cap

1,000,000 USD


300,390,000,000 $SQU

Squirrel Swap Will be listed on Gate.io and pancakeswap exchange after Presale end.


Claim Airdrop

Add to Metamask

(*) Rate Sale: 0.05 BNB = 50,000,000,000 $SQU

(*) Minium buy 0.01 BNB - 10,000,000,000 BNB

(*) Your friends who buy through your link receive 100% commission.

Refer your friends and claim bonus

Get Referral Link

(*) Referral friend claim 200,000,000 $SQU

(*) You receive 40% BNB and 60% $SQU

(*) Referral no limit bonus.


Squirrel Swap technology empowers your blockchain-based applications

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